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The Ross Racing Team started when Bob Ross introduced his sons, Mike and Tim, to the boat-racing world. Bob had won many marathons in the stock outboard racing division. The most famous was the 90-mile Winnebago Marathon in Wisconsin. He also ran the Top-O-Michigan marathon and placed well but never won. His boys changed all that.

Mike won his first nationals only two years after starting in 1977, and Tim four years after beginning in 1985. Today the list of their accomplishments together is astonishing with an impressive sum of 37 national championships! GO ROSS RACING!

Bob Ross was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, friend, boss, and the list goes on. He taught many lessons to the people he knew. One thing he started was Ross Racing. He was the first of three generations of racers.
Mike Ross started racing in 1975, this is how the Ross' came up with their racing number 75M. Mike had a great run in his racing career before passing the torch to his younger brother Tim.
Tim Ross, the youngest of the Ross sons, has a had a very successful career in boat racing. He has made it into the hall of fame. He also has won several races, marathons, and short course national races.



How to Watch a Race

The boats are carried to the water to wait for the three-minute gun. When the three-minute guns fired, that tells the drivers to start their engines and go out to the course. A green flag is waved on the starting barge and patrol boats at each turn. … Read More »


The mark or a great season for the Ross family

The Ross family has been racing since the early 1950s.  My dad, Bob, took the famous Fred Miller to his first Nationals.   Fred made good by getting me my first rig back in 1975. The 2003 season turned out to be very special for a second-generation … Read More »

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O.L.L Student Sets Record

On the weekend of May 15th, Tim Ross, a 7th grader, traveled with his family to Dayton, Ohio for a boat race.  The race was at Hydroglobe Lake, a course that is certified for records. Tim set two world records at this race. One record in Junior … Read More »


Competition is not new for Ross Family.

Competition is nothing new for Bob Ross and his family! August 10-16, Mike and Tim Ross, son’s of agent Bob Ross of Bloomfield Hills, competed in the American Power Boat Association stock outboard nationals in Dayton, Ohio. There were over 700 boats … Read More »

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